One of the top teams in Class 11B continues to be the Velva-Garrison-Drake/Anamoose Aggies, who added more players to this year’s team via emergency co-op.

2014 is the last time a Velva football team missed the post season. The reason for this consistent success speaks to a strong bond between coaches and players.

We’ve had over the years, just a wealth of talent has come through our program. Secondly, the stability of our program, since I’ve been here for over 30 years now and the assistants I’ve had underneath me and just the coaching staff, I think that in itself provides just a consistent culture I believe,” Head Coach Larry Sandy said.

We work together well, we lost three guys from last year, I mean, we grew up with each other, played together all our lives. We trust each other to make the play when it needs to be made,” Senior Linebacker and Tight End Payton Bodine said.

The winning culture has helped the team establish a physical brand of football.

“We want to play hard, fast, competitive ball. You go out there and you hit a guy. As a lineman, that’s what we’re taught. There’s a guy three yards away from you, go smack him. You get that guy out of the way so your team can score,” Senior Offensive Guard and Defensive Tackle Gabe Lakoduk said.

Even with many pieces staying the same, the roster has seen major changes over the past two seasons, adding players from Garrison last year, and now Drake-Anamoose ahead of this season, both as emergency co-ops . Any Garrison player is eligible to play varsity this season along with one Drake-Anamoose senior joining the varsity squad.

I definitely think it adds a benefit to your program. It puts in a little bit of transition time for the kids and even for us as a coaching staff but it’s all very very positive,” Sandy said.

“Drake co-ops with us for track anyway, so we see familiar faces. Eric Martin, I was in track with him, Kyle Volson, we’re good friends already. Drake’s got some dogs they brought over. Great competition on the line, I mean, every practice is like a game for us,” Lakoduk said.