In Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood’s 2021 campaign, the Mavericks qualified for the playoffs for the sixth time in seven seasons before bowing out in the first round.

This team will be much younger than last year after graduating eight seniors, with only one senior for MLS in 2022.

The team said this will change some of their approach offensively as players adjust to new roles.

We’re looking at spreading the ball out a little bit more,” Co-Head Coach Cody Beck said.

“We’re definitely trying to get more people involved in the offense. We don’t have a couple of guys that we can really rely on to carry the load, we have to really spread the ball around and get a lot of people touching the ball and doing a lot of different things to be successful this year,” Beck added.

“A lot of people have got to step up, we’ve got to have leaders out there telling everybody what to do and just be a good team leader,” Junior Quarterback/Running back/Wide Receiver Riley Morlock said.

“Hopefully we’ll come out with good energy, get going to start and hopefully carry that energy through the season,” Beck said.

The Mavericks face two returning playoff teams to start the season, taking on Lewis & Clark and Divide County to open the schedule.

“Both are very good teams that are very well coached, I think Divide returns a ton of kids, which is gonna make them a huge challenge, but right now, we’ve really got to focus on Berthold and be ready to take care of stuff against them,” Morlock said.