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In this week’s Golf Talk, we talk to Cole Baker about hitting the fade shot.

“Now if we are talking about a fade,” Baker said, “it’s going to be similar, just the opposite of what we did with a draw. So now I’m picking out my target of where we want to start that ball. I’m going to get set up with my feet and then my ball position is going to be a little bit more towards the front of my stance, versus the back of my stance like what we were doing with the draw.

“We’re going to get those hands a little bit higher to kind of keep that club face open. So you’ve seen Tiger [Woods] and [Arnold Palmer] when they hit that ball, they’ve always had that crazy finish up top, and that’s cause you can keep that club face open.

“Now I got to make sure that I’m getting a little bit more vertical with the shaft, especially with me. I’m a typical draw player so I come in a little bit more flatter. So now, I’m trying to over exaggerate that club getting vertical or that shaft getting vertical. So to me, this butt of the grip is going to feel like it’s pointed at my left knee and I’m cutting through it.

“So when I would use a fade is if I need a little bit more spin on the ball. Cut spins always going to spin more than a draw spin. Goes a little bit shorter, little bit higher. So the pins tucked at the back right, or it’s tucked behind the bunker, anytime I have more room on the left, I’m going to try and hit a cut.”

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