The journey of Bismarck’s Britta Curl and her hockey career enters a new chapter as she’s taking the ice with Team USA in just over a week at the Women’s World Championship in Calgary. It’s been a long wait with the tournament postponed numerous times, but she is ready for her shot.

State titles, a national championship, Britta Curl’s young career is decorated, but a gold medal would be the cherry on top for a Bismarck native that has been waiting for this opportunity.

“You know, we’re all in our own hotel rooms and we get called down to the office room one by one. It was really nerve-wracking. I think I went in at 10:30-11 at night just waiting for that call.”

Waiting for the call that she made Team USA, Curl making the team at training camp a few months back, understanding that this is her biggest challenge yet.

“You know, I try not to put a lot of pressure on myself, but when there’s something that big on the line, it’s important to me and it’s important to my family and stuff. It’s definitely, I wanted to do my best and not have any regrets with it and it ended up working out in my favor.”

There will be familiar faces on this roster for Curl, teammates at Wisconsin, as well as players that she’s idolized like Olympic Medalist Hilary Knight.

“I remember being 12 years old and going to a tournament and I saw Hilary Knight playing and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I got a picture with her stick and now I’m playing on a line with her at camps and stuff. You kind of got to pinch yourself and realize how far you’ve come.”

Even though Curl will represent her nation, she says she will always play with Bismarck on her mind, the town that made her into the player she is today.

“I’m so grateful to the people that have sent me messages and every time I come home, I feel all the love I have from people here. I think it makes me realize that I’m not going through this alone. It’s like everyone is on the journey with me.”

A gold medal in Calgary will be sweet, but Curl is motivated by the chance at a spot on the Olympic roster for 2022.

“This is the third time now that I have been named to a worlds team and I haven’t gotten to play a game yet. So I’m just excited to hit the ice. I don’t really care what happens but I just want to get there and do my best.”