The Century Patriots Hockey team has high hopes of turning it around after a disappointing season a year ago and it all starts with their mental game.

Head Coach Troy Olson believes that the experience from a year ago has these players more prepared for varsity minutes. On the flip side, these players sense that they are not letting their emotions get the best of them in games, something they feel that was their Achilles heel.

“Even though we didn’t make it to the state tournament, or finish in the top two or three or anything, we built some confidence over that period of time,” said HC Troy Olson. “And the kids knew that they would compete if they played hard.”

“This year, even with one game under our belts, you could tell that no matter up or down, we were just even-keeled the entire way,” said D Maxon Vig. “Just staying positive on the bench, pick your teammates, don’t tell them what they did wrong, and if you do, help them get better.”