Jamestown is back at state for back-to-back years after beating Dickinson in the qualifier game.

Being familiar with some of the teams from the East they know they are in for physical and quick games and are up for the challenge.

“A little over a week ago we played Fargo North one of the top teams in the East, and got to see that pace, got to see that play and so I think we already know what it takes. We know what we can do and what they have over there we’re just going to put something together to try and slow them down and give us the best opportunity to win,” Matt Stockert, Head Coach, said.

“I think we learned we just got to keep working hard every period we can’t take shifts off but we overcame that this weekend and made it to the tourney,” Andrew Walz, Goalie, said.

The Blue Jays open the tournament against Grand Forks Red River Thursday, Feb. 23 at noon.