The Minot Magicians hope to build off a run to the state tournament in the 2021 season.

The Magi got there after winning a WDA qualifier to get into Fargo round one 3-1 to Fargo Davies in Fargo last season.

Co-Head Coach John Grubb says one of the biggest challenges early in the season will be finding the right lineup combinations, as Minot replaces key scorers Zach Diehl and Jaden Luck from a season ago.

“The first step early is just to get us working hard consistently. As long as they’re working hard, and then just see who meshes with each other. When you have some new kids, sometimes it pops out right away but you kind of have to put the lines in a blender and keep them working and competing and that’s usually how you find your combos,” Grubb said.