The itch to join Demon football starts at a young age.

“I remember being a little kid,” Noah DuBord said, “running around in my Bismarck Youth Football jerseys at the Bowl.”

“Watching them duke it out on the field,” Jake Sullivan said. “You’re like, ‘Man, someday that’s what I want to do. I want to go play for BHS.”

That’s because if you play for the Demons, you’re bound to play for championships. 

“I played in the Dakota Bowl three out of my four varsity years,” DuBord said.

And Sullivan was at the Demons’ last appearance in 2016. But 

playing for championships isn’t only what players get out of their four years.

“It’s a family,” DuBord said. “That’s the one [major] thing. Those are friendships. I still talk to a lot of the guys, and just being able to have that relationship.”

“You’re more than just a team,” Sullivan said. “You have to play together. You’ve got to play the system, and you fall back on the system. You can look back and see the success in Bismarck High’s past, and know that the system–it works.”

And that faith in the system continues after graduation. If Sullivan had to give a prediction on who wins tonight, he’s going Demons all the way.

“They play together, and they have the talent,” Sullivan said. “My year we made it there, but we kind of lacked the raw talent. But this team has the raw talent. If they play together like they have been this year, they’ll do alright.”

Bismarck High plays Fargo Davies tonight with a spot in the Dakota Bowl on the line.