Not often you see school history, but that’s exactly what Kennedy Harter did Wednesday, as the track and field star for the Wolves became the first student at the school to sign on to a Division 1 program.

Harter is a two-time state champion at the triple jump, winning back in 2019 as an 8th grader, and once again in 2022. The senior athlete hopes to make it three titles this May in Bismarck, Harter says she’s looking forward to the upgraded facilities in Fargo, and as far as those who have motivated her to get here, coming from a family of athletes has definitely helped her go the distance.

“It’s always been my dream to be a collegiate athlete and I just didn’t know what sport,” says Kennedy Harter. “But as I put it together I like track the most. Definitely my brothers for pushing me because I always wanted to be better than them. And my coach always helping me find new ways to improve.”

Head Coach of Track and Field at Kidder County, Kasey Kallenbach says he saw potential in Harter starting in the 8th grade, but as far as the big picture, he feels this could open doors for other athletes at Kidder County, putting the school’s athletes on the map, and inspiring others to pursue athletics beyond the high school level.

“I hope it gets kids excited seeing that they can get to that next level,” says Kallenbach. “We can reach those goals if they set those sights high and they work hard. It is achievable, not just in track and field but any sport. Like if you work hard and you’re willing to put in the time, you can get there.”