The town of Williston is ready for the 2022 Babe Ruth World Series to start on Saturday. This Friday, they held the Banquet of Champions to celebrate each team making it this far.

Each player was introduced and then heard former MLB player and manager Kirk Gibson as the keynote speaker. He said he is excited to see the talent on the field this week.

“Enthusiasm, they’re young they haven’t gone through some of the negative things that happened. These kids have no idea what might happen, somebody may do something that gets them noticed,” Gibson said.

Gibson also remembered the late great Vin Scully.

“I was just in Los Angeles last week to say goodbye to Vin Scully, who called it my home run in Detroit in the world series and he called the one in Los Angeles and he made it bigger than it was and it’s good to listen to it obviously a good memory,” Gibson said.