Larks manager Sean Repay embraces social media to recruit players

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Third-year Bismarck Larks Field Manager Sean Repay has been embracing social media and new apps to find players to compete on the team.

The Manager has his core group of guys he expects to be on the roster for the majority of the summer, but because the Northwoods season runs into mid-August some players will leave before the season is complete.

Another big factor involves pitchers. Some pitchers come with inning-restrictions from their college coaches. So coach Repay has taken to Twitter to find players who are looking to get better.

“I think that this is a big game changer,” Repay said. “I’ve seen some of our guys who were posting things on there throughout the course of the offseason and I’m like ‘Ok. This guy has some good stuff.’ So I look up his stuff and his numbers and everything from his school and I’m like, ‘Ok, I think he could play here. I know that school and I’m going to reach out to their coach.'”

Another way for Coach Repay finds players is an app called Flatground. It allows players to upload their stats, which could entice Coach Repay to reach out to their college coaches.

“Obviously social media keeps taking off every year,” Repay said. “I’m glad finally there was a baseball community one that finally took off this year. You have a million pitchers posting on their every day trying to get seen. Whether it’s high school or college exposure to pro baseball or summer baseball. They have one for hitters too. It just connects so many different people.”

The Larks are at home tonight against the St. Cloud Rox

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