Century’s Logan Nissley knows nothing but winning. She’s a five time North Dakota Gatorade athlete of the year, a multi-time state champion, and the region and state senior athlete of the year. However, being called Miss Basketball means more than any award.

“I think this one means a little bit more to me,” the Century senior said. “I think a lot of my other awards I kind of push them off and give the recognition to other people. Like I said before, all of the talent in this state. This one I can be a little bit prouder of myself being able to stand out and putting in all the hardwork that I have in the past, and it just being recognized.”

Nissley’s growth in the game is obvious, finishing her career as a top 15 all-time scorer in North Dakota history, but it’s her growth as a person that has led her further than any basket ever will.

“Being able to do that and just take a step back at it and be happy for myself is a big accomplishment, I think, and a big step forward to just kind of growing as a person and just being able to recognize the good things that I do too,” Nissley explained.

Nissley leaves no doubt that she couldn’t do it without the people standing in her corner the entire way.

“Going to my parents first just shows they’re my biggest supporters,” Nissley said. “They’ve been there with me through it all, through the good and the bad. They’ve been with me every single day, every single minute in the gym.”

There have been lots of ups, but plenty of downs as well, playing just ten regular season games in her senior season. But for the Patriots’ standout it’s all about perspective.

“Realizing that injuries are a part of sports,” Nissley said. “It’s not a matter of if it happens, my dad always says it’s a matter of when and how long you’re out. So just being able to tough it out and try and get back for my team is something that I really tried to get back for.”

Nissley’s final chapter at Century is complete, and it’s what she learned during the final phase as a Patriot that’s preparing her for the next step as a division one basketball player at the University of Nebraska

“My injury too — coming back from it knowing that I’m not the only player on my team that can do things,” Nissley said of her senior season. “That is what’s so great about our team. I think I’ve had some experience being just a little bit of a role payer, so I think that’s what I’m most excited about is just learning my role, trying to get good at my role and be an expert at the things they need me to do.”

The next step is the biggest for Nissley, but no matter what happens at Nebraska, she’ll always have the honor of being North Dakota’s Miss Basketball.

“Being one of the two to win it from Century, I’m just really happy that I get to represent my school like that, and the program that’s made me into the player that I am.,” Nissley said.

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