When you walk into the Mandan Chiefs’ dug out there’s one word that you’ll hear more than anything else, and that word is intent.

“Intent, intent, intent,” infielder Avery Bogner repeated.

Merriam Webster defines intent as “having the mind, attention, or will concentrated on something or some end or purpose,” but in the world of baseball, its meaning is different.

“You know intent for us is just being really mindful of what we’re trying to accomplish whether it’s in practice, this at-bat, this pitch, this defensive play,” Chiefs’ head coach Jake Kincaid said. “Just being really mindful of exactly what our goal is and the actions that are going to lead to us accomplishing that goal.”

That intent has led the Chiefs to summer success and boosted their confidence on the diamond after stringing together consecutive wins.

“Like I’ve said before to these guys, once we have confidence literally no one can beat us,” Bogner said. “I’ve always had that mentality and we’ve got a couple of guys that are starting to get that mentality good, which is also really good.”

That confidence starts with taking control on the defensive side, which is another message Jake Kincaid and his coaches are pushing for their players, especially the guys on the mound.

“Our pitching depth is in a good spot,” Kincaid explained. “I’m pretty comfortable with throwing out any number of guys on the mound and we know they’re going to be pretty competitive.”

If the Chiefs can get consistent performances on the bump then their intent can take them far. It’s just a matter of playing one pitch at a time.

“We need to go win the inning,” Bogner said. “If we go win the inning then we’ve got a pretty good shot of winning the game.”

The Chiefs are back on their home turf Thursday afternoon for a double header against Pierre Post 8.