Boys soccer teams across the area are back on field this week for the first practices ahead of the fall schedule.

Reigning WDA Champion Minot enters the season with new leadership at the helm, as the Magicians hope two can be just as good as one.

Minot Boys Soccer hired not one, but two head coaches this offseason in Chad Oswalt and Jordan Foley to replace former coach Creighton Bachmeier. This was an idea they were both on board with.

“It’s kind of tough for me to be a lone head coach with my job. It was more or less me and Jordan together. I felt we worked together well,” Co-Head Coach Chad Oswalt said.

“Chad and I kind of communicated and said that we would like to go together and work on that as a team, so we talked to Mr. Lunde and put our applications in together to be co-head coaches,” Co-Head Coach Jordan Foley said.

The duo had previously coached multiple years together for the Magi at the junior varsity level, which gives them confidence in their partnership on the varsity squad.

Chad and I have been coaching together for 8-9 years here. I think we’ve had a great relationship with the club here in Minot and also through the high school here. We’ve got similar styles and great communication going back and forth I think that relationship’s been really strong,” Foley added.

“We’ve started a true agenda of what we expect from the JV two program all the way up to the varsity program so in order to keep that going, it was definitely good to keep the coachings staff somewhat together,” Oswalt said.

Even with the change in leadership, the team hopes to build off the success established by the previous regime.

“I think we’ve just got to have the same mentality we had last year. It seemed like everyone came with a one focus just to win last year, so I think if we just keep thinking that to ourselves we should be good,” Minot Midfielder Kade Anderson said.

“Last year was a great year it was something that we’ve never really seen before. So I think if we could just carry off of what we did last year, only losing like four seniors, I think we’ll have a good shot again,” Minot Midfielder Brayden Oswalt added.

The players also don’t foresee much of a difference in the way the team operates

“I don’t think it will change that much. I know Chad and Jordan, they’ve been here awhile, they’ve coached all of us before, we’ve all learned from them so, I don’t expect a whole lot to change,” Anderson said.

“It’s fun to hear that he’ll be coach with Jordan Foley, I’m looking forward to it since he’s been the JV coach before, I don’t think much will change, but it will be fun,” Brayden Oswalt said .

The Magi open the season Saturday August 13th at home against Grand Forks Central with kickoff set for 1:45