Returing five of their top seven players from last season has allowed Minot Boys Tennis to pick up right where they left off heading in to the 2022 season.

The nice part about bringing all of this experience back is from day one, we didn’t have to go back to basics. We were able to get into practice, we didn’t have to spend 35-40 minutes explaining things, it was just go right away. They went right into the drills, they got things going. They’re old enough that they can run drills by themselves if coaches are on different courts, you trust them to do their own thing,” Minot Tennis Coach Scott Delorme said.

“Having a deep team again, last year we had a really deep squad and I think that really helps in winning those lower matches which really can count for a win,” Senior Brayden Mclean said.

The Magi hope to put this talent to good use when they host this year’s state tennis tournament at Hammond Park October 6-8.

That’s a big deal for us in the home town in our home courts, we’ll be able to draw some people here to watch, and hopefully do good. I’ll be putting that one on the calendar for sure,” Sophomore Grayson Schaeffer said.

“We know the boys are excited about it, we’re excited to host it. Grand Forks happened to double book their facility in the community this year, so they were looking for a place and we took it and we firmly believe we have the nicest outdoor venue in North Dakota, possibly the Midwest and we’re excited to show it off,” Delorme said.

One element that could be an x-factor for this year’s squad could be stepping up their game in double’s matches.

“The biggest part is just you and your teammate being on the same page so, once you and your teammate have been together for awhile, you kind of know what each other does, and you can play off each other,” Schaeffer said.

Mclean:”I think a lot of it is team chemistry, and I think that’s just getting to know your teammates better, getting to play with them more, and I think we’re really good with that as a team is having a lot of team chemistry,” Mclean said