The Minot Majettes’ basketball team is sitting second in the WDA with just one loss — a much different story from last year, where the ladies finished seventh.

“I think our effort and our energy has increased tremendously from a year ago,” said Head Coach Jason Schwarz.

The Majettes have done a 180 on the court.

This time last year, the girls were 5-4, learning how to work as a team.

But with a year of experience under their belt, they’ve been able to focus on switching up their game plan.

“I think with this new defense, we’re getting more steals, we’re getting more confident, we’re having more fun. That just really builds a good team,” said Maggie Fricke, guard.

Right now, the girls are averaging 14 steals every game the second most in the WDA behind Century.

“It really gives the offense like a different look. It’s mainly just to get the offense not to like do what they want and what we want them to do. That really sets them off and gets them off their groove and it’s like really nice because we get steals out of it, good pressure and usually end up with turnovers. Just having that bad shot that we want them to take and rebound and go,” said Avery Lunde, guard.

Lunde says the girls had reservations about the new plan at the start of the season.

“But the first game, we just like blew it out of the park. We were just getting everything. I don’t know. Our offense is like, everyone has scored, scoring isn’t even like a problem for us anymore, so it’s kind of fun to have that,” Lunde said.

And it shows, through seven games, the Majettes are averaging nearly 80 points per game.

With a tough matchup ahead of them with undefeated Century, it’s the Majettes’ defense that could hand the Patriots their first loss in over a year.

“This year, I feel like we have that power to even like get the close game with them. The past years, we’ve kind of been, it’s been like a blow-out. This year, hopefully, it’ll be more of like a tough game for us. It’ll probably be able to help us see more things and just like really see what we need to do,” Lunde said.