JJ Dufner and Mikkail Nehring from Minot made their college decisions official today.

Dufner will play goalkeeper for the Huskies soccer team after leading the WDA in shutouts this past season, helping the Magi to a second straight WDA title, while Nehring will join the St. Cloud State track team.

Nehring and Dufner said moments during their visits helped them pick St. Cloud State.

“I really just felt at home. I remember I was just walking up the stairs and we’d just got done touring the athletic facilities and I kind of looked at my mom and I was like yeah this is the one and I think this is it and it turned out to be it,” Nehring said.

“When I hung out with the team, I got to hang out with them in the dorms and I was with like six or seven of them and it was very nice. I felt like I was welcome and they all really like me so that kind of helped out,” Dufner said.