North Dakota isn’t known for a rich boxing history, but one Minot teenager has already made a name for himself on a national stage.

Sixteen year-old Samuel Hale has been boxing since he was nine years old following his families influence

“I remember watching boxing with my with my dad, and I’d seen my other brother join, so I started boxing with them,” Samuel.

Samuel is the fourth ranked boxer in the 138lb weight class of the USA Boxing Junior rankings, and the success has come as no surprise.

When he was little, I took him to my coach and we start training, and other coaches that had been coaching longer than I have they had an eye out for him, and they said he was going to be good. Watch out for him, take care of him, he’s going to be a champion they said,” Thor said.

The high school junior has more than 130 fights in his career, but is often underestimated at national events coming in from North Dakota.

“Many people don’t know North Dakota, like the state, they barely know what it’s about, and they’re surprised that I come from here,” Samuel said.

Samuel has traveled across 20-plus states and Canada to compete in the ring, always trying to stay ready for that next fight.

“It’s definitely year-round, it’s not something you can just take off and come back and there are nationals that happen throughout the year and that takes a lot of training to get ready for and to compete with other people in the country,” Samuel said.

Learning how to take a punch is a big part of having success in the ring, but as Rocky Balboa once said, nothing hits harder than life.

“Having that loss and having that resilience to come back and continue on that takes mental strength. You may not get that job, you may not get that A on the paper, you may want to blame someone for mishaps, but the end result is you’re the only one that has to take care of it,” Thor said.

While his career is young, the Minot Native hopes to have many more bouts in the future.

“I plan to pursue this sport and try to make a career out of this and go professional. I want to be world champion,” Samuel said.

Samuel hopes to be ready for the USA Boxing Nationals this December in Lubbock, Texas.