Williston Native Brent Qvale has learned the value of hard work and dedication by carving out an eight year career in the NFL despite entering the league as an undrafted free agent.

“You don’t have much leeway, you have to be ready to go at all times, you can’t really make too many mistakes. Being consistent in whatever you do, whether that’s on the football field, in the classroom, things like that. If you bring that consistent energy and effort to the things you do, it’ll help you on the field and off the field,” Qvale said.

Reliability in the trenches has been critical to his ability to stick around in pro football.

“It’s one of those deals where you’ve got to be on it every day. But I take pride in doing that. That’s something I really focus on as a player is being the same guy every single day. The team knows they can count on you, they know what they got in you,” Qvale said.

This drive to succeed is something he hopes to pass on to young football players in his hometown community by hosting his fifth annual offensive and defensive line camp today at Williston High School.

“Trying to teach them some techniques that maybe they might not get at the high school level that a college coach or myself can teach them to help them go out on the field and help their team win,” Qvale said.

We don’t have a lot of professional athletes that come out of western North Dakota, eastern Montana, and any kid can make it if you really want it, you can work for it. We want to give the kids the opportunity here to by working with a lot of these coaches from around the region.”

And that collaboration with local college teams is another way Qvale aims to lend a hand to area athletes.

“If kids are showing flashes, they can get their names in the recruiting circles of area college like Jamestown, UMary, Dickinson State, people like that where coming into this camp might be the first step into getting a scholarship to play football in college.