The Nueta Hidatsa Sanish College Athletic Program got a new leader for their basketball program.

“I’m excited about it and I’m just thankful that the college believed that I could come in and help them to build their program and to work with their students,” said new head coach Daryl Bearstail.

Last season, the Athletic Director had to go from classroom to classroom to recruit players, but now that they have a new head coach, they brought in players from New Town, Mandaree and surrounding reservations.

“We have a lot of talent in the area and I am just happy that the guys decided and choose to come and be apart of this,” added coach Bearstail.

“Even though we didn’t get to finish off our high school career, it just feels good to play basketball again and have a team to play for,” said Shooter Stewart.

Bearstail brings 20 years of experience to the Storm Basketball Program– but he wants to bring more than just basketball to the players.

“I want to bring character building while preparing our young men for life beyond basketball and life beyond college,” exclaimed coach Bearstail.

But the players and coach want to change the identity of the program to hard work, dedication and teamwork.

“Our team to serve the community and to be leaders and all of the above, so I just want our young men to be a team and care about each other and to care about others,” explained coach Bearstail.

“We are trying to rebuild honestly, to see if we can win a lot of games and do something good for New Town again. Nice to do something for the Tribe and all of that, so just putting New Town on the map,” declared Stewart.

The Message coach Bearstail preached to players was to dream big and work hard.

“As Native hoopers, you know fast, quick and want to be a quick team and good defense. Defense is the number one key so be a strong team on defense and be able to lock people down,” said Stewart.

Bearstail says the season will be delayed a little bit but they will still prepare for it with preseason condition this fall.