Engines are finally running which means summer is on its way, but it seemed like it would never get here for race tracks across the state.

The season started for NoDak Speedway Sunday after a three-week delay. The weather has played a factor for all speedways with Mandan being the only one to hold a race so far this spring.

President of the NoDak Speedway Brandon Beeter said they were able to get some work done before the blizzard and rain, but weren’t able to get back out until last Sunday.

He said if it weren’t for all the volunteers’ hard work this week it would have been hard to open tonight.

“Up until Sunday, we didn’t get on the race track, since Sunday we’ve probably put in 60-70 hours out here we’ve been out here until 9-10 o’clock at night trying to prep it for the next rainstorm,” Beeter said. “Mother Nature hasn’t been nice to us this year.”

Feature Winners:
IMCA Modified
IMCA Northern SportMod
IMCA Hobby Stock
IMCA Stock Car
IMCA Sport Compact