The dirt track racing season is entering its last month of competition. For the first time since July 10 racing has returned to the NoDak Speedway.

Crews have been busy at work getting the track back to race condition after the state fair. During the fair, they push all the dirt in front of the grandstand out of the way for the concert series held.

Normally the Enduro Race is held during the fair but this weekend it allows the racers to help pack the race track before the normal race’s return.

“We put the wall up the wall takes about two hours to put up with about five guys and then once that’s up the first starts going in and it takes about 10 hours to put the first back on,” Brandon Beeter, NoDak Speedway President, said. “They will get a good racing surface we’re not doing it to give them a bad surface or anything, we’re prepping it just like we do a race night. It just allows us to kind of work out some of the bugs that may arise when you move as much dirt as we moved in a short period of time.”

The season only has three weeks left until a champion is crowned. Beeter adds says these last couple of races can help drivers make up points in the ever-important standings come title night.

“You have the opportunity as a racer to come out and turn your season around after this long break whether you’re in the points or you’re not you might be able to pick up a couple of wins and leave a really good taste in your mouth going into the off-season,” Beeter said. “The points championships I think we have some tight battles I don’t have the numbers off the top of my head but we have some battles that are going to come down to that final night which is always exciting.”