Jamie Krenz is in his 26th season coaching the Grant County-Flasher Storm, but this year he’s experiencing the Friday night lights in a different way. He’s sharing the sidelines with a new coach, but a familiar face.

“We really enjoy the energy he brings,” Krenz said. “You know, some of us are getting a little long in the tooth, so it’s nice to get some of these young guys out here, and especially to be able to work with my son is a blessing.”

Less than a year after Jamie began coaching he welcomed his son Taylor into the world, an athlete that never really left dad’s side, whether it was as a ball boy or making the plays at quarterback.

“He’s been around it all his life, so it’s kind of an extension of our coaching staff, so he thinks of things before we ever bring them up,” Jamie said.

Taylor is making an impact on the sidelines using experiences as a college athlete, and his time as an assistant coach at St. Mary’s, to gel with what his dad has built for the Storm.

“I think the biggest thing is we speak the same football language,” Taylor said. “We’ve been talking my whole life about football, so we’re on the same page with a lot of things.”

It’s a mix of old school and new school, but even when the football language is interpreted differently, the Krenz men always figure it out.

“I think we probably butted heads a little more when I was playing and I’d get a play ran into me that I didn’t like and I’d call my own play.,” Taylor laughed. “So that was probably a little worse.”

How long they will coach together is still to be seen, but the two are soaking up the experience while they have it. They’re growing as coaches and as family.

“I think the neat thing is after a couple of practices my wife said, ‘How’s he doing?’ and I said, ‘You know what, he’s a really good teacher,'” Jamie explained. “And that’s what coaching is all about is you have to be able to teach. And I really am proud of the experience that he’s had from college to high school, and he’s brought that to us, and we’re pretty fortunate to have him.”

The Krenz duo and their storm team will hit the field this Friday night against Beach in a big region game.