High school soccer teams are less than two weeks away from their first game.

The Williston Coyotes are an older team this season, returning 13 upperclassmen to the roster.

Head Coach Ryan Stebbins said this experience should help the team play with more confidence.

Dante Leguizamon- senior midfielder
“I know when I was younger when I was a little Freshman it meant a lot for the seniors and upperclassmen to be like hey good job and that’s what I’m trying to do and a lot of us are trying to do is just keep the positivity up,” Dante Leguizamon, Senior Midfielder, said.

“Just a lot of encouragement like in the weight room especially just showing them the ropes just kind of helping them lift. Showing them what to do and leading them right is about all we can do,” James Brenner, Senior Goal Keeper, said.