Mandan’s softball team started 0-6 this season before turning things around and winning ten games in a row.

The Braves are now tied for the second spot in the WDA with Minot.

Mandan is averaging nearly 13 runs per game in the middle of this win streak. They say a big reason for success at the plate is facing one of the top pitchers in the west every day at practice.

“Well one thing is we put the pitching machine on and we turn it up, and we get it up to about 60 miles per hour and see what they can do with that so they get the timing for it, and feel how hard it comes and what it feels like on the bat,” Braves’ head coach Mike Gustavsson said. “We also do a lot of live stuff. You know, we’re going to make Andi pitch against us, and Jenna pitch against us and Jaylee, and make those girls throw as hard as they can and get our batters in tune for when they go to see some of those better pitchers this year.”

The Braves are back on the diamond on Thursday against Legacy.