All-American Tony Wald was honored Saturday, before the St. Mary’s Boys basketball game.

The St. Mary’s alum will have his name on the new court that the Saints boys and girls will play on for the foreseeable future. Wald is currently the only All-American to play at St. Mary’s. Graduating in 1964, Wald was a highly sought after recruit, but ended up playing at Dickinson State for college, his old teammates on hand for the ceremony.

“That was a total surprise,” says Tony Wald. “I didn’t expect any of them to be here and to show up in the numbers that they did, it’s pretty special.”

“He’s gone on to do great things for himself,” President Gerald Vitter says. “I think he’s the kind of person that we want to keep reminding our community of, that that’s somebody you aspire to become.”

St. Mary’s next game on Tony Wald court is this Tuesday against Minot.