It’s no question what team’s had the edge in High School Boys swimming in recent years.

The Minot Magicians are back in the pool in search of their sixth straight state title.

Minot has been nothing short of a dynasty, winning 16 of the schools 30 state swimming titles since the turn of the century.

“We see these banners every day, and it just gives us extra motivation, and we just try to push each other every day. Ultimately the results come from working hard, and we know that just try to push each other and keep having fun,” Senior Captain Jaxon Reinke said.

We just try and work as hard as all of our priors and just live up to what they tried to do. We try to instill a good work ethic with into all of the new guys so it just keeps going down and down after every year,” Senior Captain Levi VonBokern said.

Maintaining that standard of excellence isn’t an easy task.

“I think there’s definitely some pressure, because we’re seeing some of the Bismarck teams this year, especially this weekend we’re seeing three of them and then a couple of weekends after, we’re seeing two of them again. They’re looking pretty tough this year, competition’s tough, but we’re still just going to keep our head down and work hard,” VonBokern said.

Along with a wealth of talented swimmers, individuals coming together as one unit has helped the Magi win the team title every year since 2018.

“I think it all goes down to just how we work in practice. We know how we train is how we’re going to perform, so when it comes to meets, we just get to have fun and race like we do every day, and I think it just goes to show how we actually race every day and in the meets, it kind of just comes as second nature,” Reinke said.

“We just try and ignore all of our wins, we just try and stay very humble. We focus just one individual times being important, but we also like to just keep team spirit healthy. Build people up so we can try and encourage people to get better,” VonBokern said.

Being a part of this winning program is something the team captains are grateful for.

“It’s been great playing a part in every single we’ve won, weather it’s state or just a normal dual, its meant the world to me. Being a part of something this pretty life changing,” VonBokern said.

“It’s a really great atmosphere to be in, and I think as a captain, we’re just trying to keep pushing everyone and keep everyone as one, because when we all work together as a team, it’s going to be easier to keep working hard and to keep doing as best we can,” Reinke said.