Golf is quickly becoming a balancing act for Bismarck High alum Tyce Halter, but it’s a challenge that is welcomed by a guy who is no stranger to competition.

“It’s awesome being able to play at UMary, sticking around, saving money staying at home, and then also on top of that being able to coach – I’m super excited,” Halter said. “I can’t wait.”

Halter is going into his junior season playing golf for the University of Mary. This year he is adding the responsibility of coaching for Century’s girls program.

“I’ve been competing all my life, so being able to coach is something I always wanted to do,” Halter explained. “Sharing my knowledge with these girls is always something I wanted to do.”

It’s only day three of practice, but Halter is already showing why he’s the man for the job when it comes to understanding and explaining the new age of golf.

“He has been able to kind of locate and dig down into what each player has going on right now,” Century golf Co-Head Coach Preston Brown said. “So we’re changing up our practice plan right away this week because of what we’ve noticed in these first couple days, and he’s been huge in that.”

It’s a fresh new perspective for Halter to give golfers and for them to receive from someone who isn’t far removed from the greens of his high school days.

“The ideas that he’s got, what he’s been through in his life not only in high school, but he’s a college golfer. He’s got to have all this stuff bubbling up to make these girls better, and that’s exciting,” Brown added. “He’s… man, I just can’t even put it into words how huge he’s going to be for this program.”

Halter is altering the landscape of coaching and bringing his experiences right from the collegiate tee box to his new team.

“Playing with some of the guys in our conference and just how they bounce back from bad shots, that’s something I’ve learned from them, and being able to show these girls that one bad shot is okay,” Halter said.

Halter’s Century team will get its season started on Friday in Watford City before he hits the course with the Marauders in their first tournament on September 12.