Beulah’s volleyball team is one of the best in region seven, and they’re competing at a high level against everyone in the state.

The Miners have a pair of upperclassmen hitters that are leading the way with Jenna Koppelsloen and Shea Barron. This year the Miners feel like their team has become more united, creating touches for their teammates in an effort to open different options, and ultimately win games.

“Coach Fil tells the setter to feed us most of the time on good sets, but it’s also good to mix it up and set the other players up as well, then it takes the block away from us and it gives them a chance to showcase their abilities,” outside hitter Jenna Koppelsloen said. “Everybody on the team is able to get a kill, so it’s really nice to have that diversity up at the net.”

“They’re not worrying about, ‘Alright I have 20 more attempts than you do,’ it’s just like being unselfish about who’s going to have the ball,” Head coach Brian Filibeck said.

The Miners are on the road tonight taking on New England in a region seven match up.