The BSC Mystics have been perfect to start the year, dropping just one set in six games entering Wednesday night.

Head coach Kyle Kuether says the team is dee, and he feels confident in playing many different lineup combinations. But that will also add to the workload of second-year setter Camaryn Beasley, who has to get up to speed on all the different ways to connect with her hitters.

“I think she’s really good at just recognizing her teammates and knowing what kind of ball she has to set to a certain person over an outside hitter, right side hitter, middle’s have to be a little quicker,” says Kuether.

“Me connecting with the hitters is a big thing,” says Beasley. “So we take a lot of time in practice to get that connection down. I think last year it came really easy, and this year, I think it will be a progression thing because there are so many hitters to make connections with. But it’s been going well so far.”

As for the game on Wednesday, the Mystics end up taking the game in three sets over the LadyJacks. The next BSC game will be on the road at the Iowa Central Tournament this upcoming weekend.