The Legacy Sabers have made it back to the state tournament, but hope that this time they can grab a win on opening day.

The Sabers were tested in the WDA Tournament, including a five-set win over Dickinson, one that refocused the team and propelled them to a state-qualifying win over Bismarck. The attack has always been there for Legacy, especially with the depth.

“It’s very versatile,” says OH Asiah Gross. “And we can just put the ball anywhere. We can look like we’re hitting and we just tip it and those are always the ones that hurt the most so.”

The biggest lesson learned from last week is seeing how close Century was pushed, giving a new sense of belief in themselves.

“We watched Jamestown and St. Mary’s take them to five,” says HC Jen Astle. “And so I think that was something that even not as a team playing against but watching, you can really that on any given night, you can beat anybody. You just have to go out there and work hard for it.”

Looking ahead, the Sabers take on West Fargo, a team scouted with a lot of size and a tough right-side attack. One player that will be tested is middle Chelsa Krom, who believes that if she wins her matchup, the Sabers can pull off the upset.

“It’s going to be really exciting to see how much we can do as a whole and for me,” says MH Chelsa Krom. “I just think, playing really good players is fun, and sometimes I think it can be difficult when there is a huge block right in your face or when they are hitting around your block. But it makes it exciting when you can figure out what to do getting it past that block or to block them.”