One of the biggest games in Legacy history will play out on the court Thursday against undefeated Century.

The two have been the cream of the crop when it comes to WDA Volleyball, and the Sabers have been getting it done on the defensive side, including some incredible back-row play from libero Joanna Fleckenstein. The hope is that this defense can shut down a powerful attack from some of the most dangerous front-row attackers in the west.

“I think our defense is definitely a big thing,” says MH Chelsa Krom. “It’s a thing that we’re good at, but more practice would definitely make it better. The better we get at it, the better our team will be overall.”

“It’s really just our confidence sometimes,” says HC Jen Astle. “I always joke with the girls, they are very into team effort. If somebody struggles, it’s like we all are like, we’ll play that pace too, versus the opposite where we’re going to ask for some kids to step up.”