While the west is seeing a major turnover in talent, the Legacy Sabers are one of the few that is bringing back experience.

It’s a stark contrast from a season ago when they only had three seniors on the roster. Head Coach Jen Astle feels like the team has a lot of options when it comes to rotation combinations, the hope is that won’t get in the way of a slow start, one the Sabers hope to avoid for the second year in a row.

“It’s a lot more confidence with the girls,” says HC Jen Astle. “I think that it’s fun to see how far they’ve come in a short period of time. One of our biggest things that we’re still trying to figure out is where all of our chess pieces kind of fit. We have a lot of athletic kids that are all-around very good volleyball players. So it’s kind of just working on figuring out who’s going to play where across the net.”