The Williston State Tetons have already formed a strong bond as a team ahead of their first game of the season, hoping to improve from last year’s 14-17 record.

“Immediate impact was super strong. It’s a different mentality from this group. Everybody wants to be here, it’s very strong and they get along. It’s extremely genuine, and that’s a lot in volleyball. You’ve got six players on the court at a time, and three or four of them know each other,” Head Coach Chelsea Hinck said.

“The first day we moved in, we really clicked and the first day of workouts, which is hell week, we got through some really tough times and we got through it together, and I feel like that made us stronger and bonded us even more,” Sophomore Middle Blocker and Outside Hitter Daphne Sanchez said.

That team chemistry extends beyond just the sophomores on the team, but also involves the newcomers to the roster.

“The freshman brought an infectious energy. It keeps growing, we’re so tight as a family and it’s been one week, and we really pushed through hell week and I think that’s what brought us closer,” Sophomore Setter Terran Speake said.

“The year before I got here, the team wasn’t cohesive at all, and they didn’t do well,” Sophomore Right Side Emily Schultz said.

“If you’re not cohesive together, you’re not good on the court, and if you’re not good on the court you’re not gonna win, and it’s important for us to team bond, we do a lot of team bonding this season, and that’s just gonna make us better on the court,” Schultz added.

While the team bond is off to a good start, the players say that’s an area they hope can only grow stronger on and off the court as the season rolls along.

“Really become close as a family, last year we kind of hard, because we kind of separated I feel like, and so this year, I just want to keep everyone together and have a ton of fun this season,” Speake said.

“We are holding everyone accountable for their actions, and so if you mess up in practice we’ve got to encourage them, and say do better, try and fix this. We’re kind of coaching each other and listening to the coaches and just staying on top of our game,” Schultz said.

The Tetons travel to Rockford, Illinois for their first games of the season against Glen Oaks Community College on August 19.