Playing on the same team is nothing new for Minot State Volleyball’s Tea Boeckel and Kendal Braun, as the pair shared the floor for four years in high school at Our Redeemer’s Christian School before joining forces once again in college.

“It kind of brought some normalcy coming in here not knowing anyone, but having Tea around and kind of showing me the way, because she’s a year older than me. So it’s nice playing with her, we kind of have that chemistry,” Sophomore Libero Kendal Braun said.

“She’s amazing, she’s great at volleyball, so I knew she could play college volleyball, and it was fun because I know how much chemistry we have on the court and how good with work together so it was cool that two locals can come in and see what we can bring to the team,” Sophomore Libero Tea Boeckel said.

What they’ve brought to the squad according to first year head coach Alex Lehocky is plenty of effort and coachability during early season workouts.

“They came in this year being true leaders on the court. They are working their butts off, they’ve never let a ball drop. They definitely are enjoying the breakdown of the movements I’m teaching them, and so they’re great kids and I’m excited to watch them play this year,” Lehocky said.

Boeckel and Braun are both defensive specialists for MSU, but that hasn’t had a negative impact on their relationship

“It really helps us, like we push each other to be the best, and I didn’t think I’d be working as hard if I didn’t have someone like Kendal to push me to be better, and we just hold each other accountable and cheer each other on no matter who gets the position,” Boeckel said.

“We’ve always been the same position, so we’re kind of used to the competition, we don’t really take it personally, we’re good friends on and off the court, so it works well,” Braun said.

Away from the pushing each other to suceed, staying in the Magic City for college is something they both enjoy.

“I really like it, it’s fun. I feel like it brings in a lot of people, just a lot of locals and it’s fun to play for my hometown,” Boeckel said.