Chelsea Hinck has made national recruiting a priority in her program to create a more diverse culture, as this year’s team features players from Florida, Texas, and Nevada among other states.

Another area of emphasis is building strong relationships with players on and off the court, something she learned from coaches during her playing career.

All my coaches always made me feel super welcome, and had that open door saying to always feel welcome, you can come to talk to them about anything. With some of them coming so far around the world and different states, if they can’t feel that welcomeness, you’re not doing your job as a coach,” Hinck said.

“She’s awesome, I love her,” Sophomore Emily Schultz said.

“I call her my pocket-sized best friend because you can go to her about anything, that’s what I love most. She’s tough on you, but if you need a different coaching style, she’s willing to change for you, so I think that’s really great,” Shultz said.