High School girls wrestling enters its second season as an NDHSAA event. The Minot Majettes have already doubled their numbers this year.

“It’s really exciting cause toward the end of last year we only had 14 girls but seeing we have twice as many girls there is more people in the room to practice with more people to learn from and to help learn the sport and it helps build confidence,” Martha Ward, Freshman 115 weight class, said.

“It’s a great feeling. You know we want girls in the room we want to get it out there that this is a sport that everybody can handle and the more girls we get in the room the better the team is going to be the more we can grow our family and make progress towards hopefully a state title this year,” Mitch Meye, Head Coach, said.

The Majettes numbers increased from 14 girls to 28 in just one year. Having one year under their belt they are using the mix of returners and rookies to advance everyone’s skills.

“We three coaches are trying to jump around to as many groups as possible to help them. We try to pair them up a little bit where there is a girl from last year wrestling with a girl from this year so they can work together and help each other out while we’re trying to help them out as well,” Meyer said.

In wrestling, endless moves and maneuvers can take years to master. So, the returners know what to expect this season and how they can help lead the new girls to success.

“I feel like I’m doing better this year than I did last year cause we are moving slower so I’m getting more of the technique and foundation down,” Haleigh Carr, Sophomore 140 weight class, said.

“Something I need to be practicing with different types of people and different people because everyone wrestles differently and the harder I work and the more I push myself the more ready I’m going to be when it’s time to compete,” Ward said.

Early in the season, it’s all about the fundamentals but once you build that foundation the strength and moves will keep on coming.

“So focusing on the good technique and try not to get into bad habits and every day just learning a few more moves and starting to grow a little bit and practicing getting as many reps as we can at this point,” Meyer said.

This may be the Majettes’ second year but human history shows us that wrestling is in our blood. Wrestling represents one of the oldest forms of combat with the origins of wrestling going back 15,000 years through cave drawings.

So in Minot, tapping into that history is what it will take to succeed.