May 15 Golf Talk: Spin Control

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Summer means golf season for a lot of people. This summer every Wednesday, we will bring you a golf tip or golf story from our community. This week, we talk to golf professional Cole Baker about spin control.

Joey Lamar: I”m with Cole Baker who is a golf instructor at Golf Ect. in Bismarck. We are at Prairie West Golf Course in Mandan on hole No. 1. We hit a good tee shot and we are in the middle of the fairway. We are looking to set up our approach shot. Which club should we use when we are about 75 to 100 yards out?

Cole Baker: “Most people would be in wedge to a  9-iron.”

Joey: “The spin is important because over the green you have downslope behind you. If you come up short you have a bunker to the right and a bunker to the left so we really have to make sure that we focus on that spend control.”

Cole: “If you don’t control your spin, you are going to skip over the green and off the back.”

Joey: “You’re going to hit two shots for us. One where you draw the ball back and one where you stop the ball.”

Cole: “To get a lot of spin to pull it back, for me, around the conditions that we have with the greens being fuzzy and hard. They are not going to spin as much as they would during the middle of the year. This one is my sand wedge, my 54 degree. I’m going to hit something lower here. It’s a lot easier swing. I have to open my face a lit bit and then I’m really crunching it and coming down on it.”

Joey: “Cole hit a shot that stopped about 10 feet short of the hole. He has a great opportunity for birdie. As you can see, spin control can start your round off good and lead to a circle on the scorecard. Cole we want to thank you for your time and our expertise and that’s this week’s golf talk.”

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