McQuade’s Tournament a big opportunity for vendors

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Softball teams from all over the country flock to the annual McQuade’s Tournament. And so do vendors like Scott Brown from Minnesota, who see the tournament as a great opportunity.

“I have three trailers that I brought up here full,” Brown said. “They’re all full. 75 thousand dollars of inventory up here.”

Brown knows how much he needs to bring, since his family-owned business is making its third-straight trip to McQuade’s.

“We want to make sure we have something for everybody. It’s mobile marketing, getting our name out there, but we’ll do some good business here,” he said.

Brown travels to weekend tournaments like McQuade’s all summer long, but to him, McQuade’s is a game-changer.

“It’s the best one that we’ll go to all year long,” Brown said. “Most weekends we’ll run anywhere between three and eight-thousand dollars. And this weekend usually brings us a lot more than that.”

Of course, plenty of vendors show up to offer their services, but Brown doesn’t mind the competition.

“I always said the more competition the better, because if you got the good service, and you’re providing a quality service for them, they’ll buy,” Brown said.

And to him, the best part of the weekend isn’t about the dollars and cents.

“It’s seeing everybody out here for the same reason,” Brown said. “That’s softball right? It’s a community of people that are all here for a common goal. They’re trying to win a championship, and we’re providing the services to try and help them win a championship. And seeing the amount of people out here, it’s insane.” 

The McQuade’s Tournament wraps up Sunday.

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