Shannon McQuade-Ely shares unforgetable moments from McQuades


Bismarck has been buzzing all week with the anticipation of the start of the 43rd annual McQuades tournament.

Teams have already started arriving in the Capital City with more expected tonight and tomorrow.

Shannon McQuade-Ely is the granddaughter of Sam McQaude Sr, so she has been apart of many tournaments.

She took time to reflect on some experiences that have stood out to her over the years.

“Basically my teenage years we use to have these big inflatables in good weather years,” McQuade-Ely said. “A team that came out was a team full of nuns, catholic nuns. Another team, I can’t remember where they were from — I think Canada. They basically lined this truck bed with a tarp to make a “hot tub” out of it just to cool off.”

There were also some bad moments.

“One of them was the first chance that I got to play,” McQuade-Ely said. “Unfortunately, I struck out swinging in slow pitch softball and it made the newspaper the next day. That was quite hilarious, quite embarrassing, but obviously a big memory for me.”

The McQuades Softball Tournament starts Friday with the Wounded Warriors taking on the North Dakota Softball Hall of Fame team at 6 p.m. at Clem Kelley.

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