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For years, Iowa has married some of the best defense in college football to a plodding offensive attack.

This combination has repeatedly sunk the Hawkeyes’ chances of competing on the national stage, as Iowa has just one division title since 2015 despite consistently fielding solid teams. A common thread running through the Hawkeyes’ stasis is offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz, son of head coach Kirk Ferentz, who has served in his current role since ’17.

With Iowa fans growing increasingly impatient with the younger Ferentz, the Hawkeyes announced amendments to his contract Monday afternoon.

Ferentz will take a $50,000 pay cut for 2023, making his compensation $850,000, and will have performance objectives next year incentivizing Iowa to score 25 points per game and win seven games.

The Hawkeyes averaged just 17.7 points per game in 2022, 123rd in the country. Iowa scored 10 or fewer points on four different occasions, including three of their five losses.

Notably, the points-per-game clause in Ferentz’s contract does not distinguish between points scored by the Hawkeyes’ offense or defense—the source of six touchdowns and two safeties for Iowa in 2022.

The Hawkeyes open their 2023 season against Utah State on Sept. 2 in Iowa City.