The Cowboys have been eliminated from the playoffs by the 49ers in dramatic fashion the last two years in a row and the subject appeared to be a bit of a sensitive one for Dak Prescott on Sunday. 

After his team trounced the Patriots 38–3, a reporter asked Prescott what “the feeling was leaving the locker room last January” after the loss to San Francisco. The Cowboys are set to face the 49ers in Week 5 but Prescott appeared annoyed with the reporter for the question. He paused for a several seconds while giving the reporter a death stare before responding. 

“I mean, it’s obvious,” Prescott said. “We’re so far past that to be honest with with you. That’s obvious. You just want to piss me off going into this weekend, and I appreciate that, I do, actually.”  

Dallas and San Francisco are considered to be two favorites to come out of the NFC this season and the powerhouses will face off on Sunday Night Football with kick off scheduled for 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC.