Former Pro Bowl safety Rodney Harrison is under fire for comments he made during NBC’s Sunday Night Football postgame show about Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

Harrison and the rest of the NBC crew had Chiefs star defensive lineman Chris Jones on set, and the conversation quickly got to Wilson, who had a surprisingly strong performance in the loss to Kansas City. 

The questions from Harrison about Wilson were very harsh though, seemingly trying to bait Jones into being critical of the former No. 2 overall pick. First, Harrison asked if Wilson was better in the game than what Jones had anticipated based on the film. And after Jones responded that Wilson had been improving and that the Chiefs “knew it was going to be a battle,” Harrison doubled down.

“But watching that tape, you’ve got to look at this dude and say ‘oh, he is garbage, we should really tear him apart,’” Harrison asked Jones.

And after one more defense of Wilson by Jones, who called the QB special, Harrison pushed back yet again.

Here’s the footage of the awkward interaction:

The way Harrison went out of his way to attack Wilson felt personal, and it rubbed plenty of NFL fans the wrong way. It was particularly surprising given Harrison is a former player, and former players traditionally attempt to defend those competing on the field.