With about two minutes left of game time during Sunday night’s ChiefsJets game, Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes could’ve easily scored one final touchdown to solidify the team’s lead.

As Mahomes ran for nine yards, picking up the first down, he slid while remaining in bounds at the 2-yard line so the Chiefs could kneel out the remainder of the game. 

It was a smart football play, but some betting fans weren’t too thrilled with the reigning NFL MVP’s choice. The Chiefs entered the game as 8-point favorites, but Kansas City didn’t cover the spread as the final score was 23–20. A touchdown would have put them over the spread, but it would have given the Jets the ball back.  

Various betting sites, such as Caesars Sportsbook and DraftKings, reported that a large majority of the bets made on Sunday night’s game were on the Chiefs’ point spread. While an exact number of money lost is unknown, according to ESPN, it’s expected to be millions that fans could have won if Mahomes didn’t slide.