Wednesday’s game between the Pirates and A’s marked the last time this season the two sides would play each other. So, naturally, it was the perfect time for a good old fashion standoff.

As the national anthem concluded and it was time for both sides to return to their dugouts and start the game, a handful of players remained rooted. It’s a scene that’s become somewhat commonplace throughout the marathon of a baseball season. But this time, the host Pirates got a little help from an old friend: the Pirate Parrot.

The beaked buddy stepped up to stand shoulder to shoulder with his players, staring down a contingent of A’s on the other side. Alas, the winged warrior’s efforts were for naught, as Oakland emerged on top as the last group standing.

The Parrot was the second-to-last representative from his side to bow out, so kudos to the bird for lasting longer than most of his comrades. Surely that will have some added credibility in the clubhouse from the rest of the team.

As for the A’s, well, it’s been a long season already, with the team on pace to lose nearly 130 games entering Wednesday’s action. For that reason, it’s probably for the best that they scored the win in the pre-game festivities since there haven’t been many other victories to celebrate these days.