MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — With the State Fair coming to an end, events are starting to wrap up, but one in particular is just getting started.

Big Sky Arm Sports returns to the North Dakota State Fair for the second year, and they provide a slightly different type of family entertainment, in arm wrestling.

“North Dakota State Fair contacted me and the United States Arm Wrestling Association to come here and put on this event, I wouldn’t call it a league, it’s open to anyone, anyone can do it. It’s the greatest sport in the world,” said Big Sky Arm Sports Director, Tom Viera.

Over the past couple of years, arm wrestling has seen a massive jump in interest and now this childhood contest has turned into a competitive sport.

This sport now has professional leagues and tournaments but at the State Fair, they say they just want people to have fun

“That’s all due to a well run event, you know, staying consistent with the rules, we follow the rules, we used qualified trained referees and staff. So everyone knows what to expect before they get here, so yeah, there has been a huge increase,” added Viera.

With this sport evolving, they have had to make rules, to prevent injuries.

However, it is still the same game you played with your friends.

“Not getting your arm in a, not getting in a hurting position, where your going to hurt yourself, you know you can’t touch you body. It has got to stay fair,” said Viera.

Big Sky Arm Sports have seen anywhere from 40 people to well over 100 at their events.

This sport goes by weight classes, and even youth events and the winner will receive a medal and a trophy.

Veira encourages everyone who is interested, to give this sport a shot.