MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A competition unlike any other returns to the state fair, and they’re ready to hop into action.

At the North Dakota State Fair, there was a fierce battle for best in show, between cute, cuddly bunnies.

The Bunny Barn hosted six American Rabbit Breeder Association competitions this opening weekend.

“We’ve had just kind of a wide range of activities going on in here, some of the rabbits have gone home, but there is a lot of FFA and 4-H rabbits still here in the barn to be seen,” said North Dakota State Fair Bunny Barn Superintendent, Jana Costa.

Some bunnies at the exhibit can be held and pet, all you have to do is ask.

A lot of these bunnies are used to being touched as most of them are 4-H or FFA exhibits.

“A lot of the 4-H exhibitors do take their rabbits out and will have them available for some of the smaller kids to pet and hold and at any point and time you want to pet a bunny, or look at a bunny, just ask one of the kids that are maybe standing by there exhibit,” added Costa

This past weekend the Bunny Barn had 250 rabbits and at least 50 different breeds of bunnies.

They have rabbits anywhere from two pounds to all the way up to 20 pounds.

“So we’ve got them from every size, every kind of softness that you can imagine in a rabbit, there are some here that are just exhibits and on the other wall, there are a few here that are for sale,” said Costa.

You can stop by the bunny barn on the fairgrounds anytime. They are open for the remainder of the fair.

So far these rabbits have competed in a total of seven shows.