MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Friday marked the first day of the North Dakota State Fair and there are plenty of things for people to do.

Vendors are selling everything from clothing to ice cold drinks.

The Southwest Soda Saloon customers can buy a stainless steel cup and get free handcrafted soda refills all day long.

This is just one of the many vendor stands that people come from all over the state to visit, to eat fair food, and hang out with their friends.

We sell stainless steel mugs in a variety of colors and a couple of different styles. We offer free refills on the day of your purchase on six flavors of handcrafted soda, all made by a small mom-and-pop shop in northern, Michigan,” said Dawn Welch, owner of the Southwest Soda Saloon.

The Welches are from Akron, Ohio and they travel around to different fairs across the country.

They say the best thing about traveling is meeting all the different people and making friends.

“We meet people one place, won’t see them for another month or two, then we see them three states over at a different fair. But we’ve got friends, that are friends. In Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Arkansas, and we see them in different places throughout the year. And it’s kind of like a little family,” said George Welsh, the other owner of Southwest Soda Saloon.

People are also visiting the fair for food, fun, and amusement.

“Just kinda walk around, go on all the rides at night, it’s really fun,” said Laken Seykora, a rising 8th grader.

Laken and his friends said they were also really excited for the food.