Disclaimer: does not include gate admission.

From rides and games to food and entertainment, there is something at the State Fair for everyone.

But it’s no secret that these things can be a little pricey. KX News shows how far $25 can get you.

Is the fair worth attending if you are on a budget?

You may not walk away with many souvenirs for $25, but you’ll certainly walk away with some great memories and a full stomach!

Starting in the food court at Thompson’s Old Fashioned Concessions you can get a classic rootbeer float for just $5. The owners of the booth have been attending the fair for years, and they keep all of their goodies under $10.

For just $3.50 I was able to try an authentic greek dish. The Spinach triangle was filled with feta and cream cheese, then deep fried. It’s one of St. Peter’s most popular items.

Then I headed to my last food booth. At the First Lutheran Church, you can get the cheapest and the best hotdog, for just $2.50.

At that point, I had $11 left to spend.

As I was eating my food I was able to catch a free Nerveless Nock show, in West Park. The acrobats perform aerial stunts for the crowd every day at 12:30, 3:30, and 6:15. This is just one of the thirteen free shows that are available, daily.

Heading over to the Midway I wanted to win a prize.

I started at the Balloon Pop Carnival game which costs $5. This is the only game that kids can keep playing until they win a prize!

Then, hop on a carnival tradition that everyone knows and loves. The Merry-Go-Round is a ride that can be enjoyed by all ages. You can ride the classic carousel ride for just $4.

With the last $5, you can walk through the commercial buildings.

Here, you can get free samples of delicious food and sweet treats. And even a free foot massage!

The last $5 was spent on an authentic handmade souvenir from across the world. The elephant was made all the way in Africa and signifies good luck.

And there you have it.

$25 at the North Dakota State Fair.

Between the games, the rides, the food, and all of the free shows, there’s definitely something for the entire family.