MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The North Dakota State fair offered a competition for local artists to live out their dreams. And one group performing calls Minot home.

The North Dakota State Fair presents its first-ever Hometown Sound event. Artists and bands had to apply for this competition, and only five contestants were selected.

“It’s a huge deal, it’s an honor, it’s really cool to have gotten to be a part of this, be in a situation where we can share, you know, share our music and get to just play and jam out in front of a whole bunch of people. It’s super exciting, we’re all really really looking forward to it,” said guitarist Ethan Wiley.

All 5 contestants will perform as an opening at for Will Banister, on the main stage. With all the members of this band being from Minot, they grew up watching big names before on this stage.

And now, it’s finally their turn.

“I look up to everyone who’s been on the stage every year and It’s just so cool to be on the same stage as these huge names and big artists that I’ve looked up to for so long,” said lead vocalists Chloe Mare.

Chloe Mare and the band will be performing in front of more people than they ever have before. While most would be intimidated by the crowd, the band is just going to take in the moment.

“Even if we don’t win, I think were all, I mean just excited to be able to be, just on the stage, I mean the exposure alone is reward enough, just being able to play on such a big stage is really, really exciting. It’s going to be crazy,” added Wiley.

Gates open at 6:30 and the Hometown Sound Competition winner will be announced after all the contestants have played.

The state fair hopes to bring this back next year, to promote local artists.